About JobsInChina.com

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, this website has been rather neglected. I have big plans for it and hope to turn into a truly innovative resource for people searching for jobs in China, or looking for information about living and working in China. But it will be one small step at a time over the coming months.

JobsinChina.com also has a blog, which serves an outlet for me to write about China and my experiences in this country which has become such an important part of my life.

About Stephen Cronin

Stephen Cronin

I first lived in China (in Guangdang) in 2002 and loved it, returning to live there several times. I also spent a few years in Hebei province teaching ICT to students on their way to university in Australia. And I also have inlaws in mountainous Hubei.

Much to my regret, I no longer live in China. I’m now based in Brisbane Australia, where I run a government agency web team. I am also a freelance web developer / consultant, specialising in custom WordPress solutions and have 7 WordPress plugins to my name. I have a web development blog and I’m also on Twitter – although I have a new China related Twitter account.

My Chinese is exceptionally poor, although I do have a Learn Chinese blog, which I’m ignoring quite well at the moment.

For historical purposes, I’ve preserved the original About page.