Converter: Pinyin Tone Numbers To Unicode Characters With Accents Marks

This tool allows you to convert the pinyin tone numbers in a text string to unicode characters with accents marks.

Simply enter the phrase you want to convert (eg ni3hao3) into the first input area and click convert.


The JavaScript file used to power this was written by Stephen Cronin and is licensed for use under the GPL2 license.

2 Responses

  1. Bill Scholz

    The phrase
    na4 er5 you3 yi4 tou2 lv2

    should convert to
    Nàr yǒu yì tóu lǘ.

    But it fails to convert. The ‘Pinyin with tone marks block’ remains empty

  2. Hi Bill,

    The problem is caused by the lv2. If you use lu2 instead, you get the correct result, eg:

    na4 er5 you3 yi4 tou2 lu2

    converts to:

    nà er yǒu yì tóu lǘ

    It’s been a while since I wrote the script, but from memory the script is clever enough to know that lu is always going to be the umlaut character rather than a straight u.

    That said, v is commonly used as for the umlaut u so perhaps I better cater for this in the script.


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