Superstition and the 4th Floor

cogdogblog posted a photo showing the inside of a lift, with the fourth floor missing from the controls:

Superstition - the 4th Floor

As you can see in the photo, floor 4 is missing from the elevator controls. This is due to superstition – in Chinese, the word for 4 sounds like the word for death.

From what I’ve seen, the way the number 4 is treated in China is a little like the way the number 13 is treated in the West.

Most buildings I’ve been into do have the fourth floor. Most people I’ve met don’t pay too much attention to the fact that the number is supposed to be unlucky.

Of course there are always some people who treat it more seriously and in general Chinese people are more superstitious than those in the West.

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  1. Stephen:

    I am so glad that you have learned something new about Chinese. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

    By the way, are you changing your blog structure? I don’t see these post and few other Flick Pick blog posts from your home page. It’s under blog folder now.

    Do you plan to do something new on your home page?

  2. Hi Terence,

    I’m always learning something new about the Chinese! There’s so much to learn!

    I’ve decided not to show the Flickr Picks posts on the home page (though they’re still in the feed). Basically, the Flickr Picks posts are really like extended comments on other people’s photos, so I thought it best to keep it separate from the ‘main content’ – not that I write much ‘main content’ at present.

    Eventually, I’ll rework the site totally. I’ll probably have job listings and I’ll try to put together some visa information etc and have the blog sitting off on the side. But there’s a fair way to go before I get around to that!

  3. jasmor@ Myrtle Beach Real Estate

    it just reinforces my belief that there is no shortage of superstition in the world

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