Beijing Olympics – Opening Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was just astonishingly beautiful. It took my breath away. I’ve been waiting for some photos of it to turn up on Flickr, and here are some courtesy of ..· ✈Katherina ➳·..:

rinhs6.jpg  flag3.jpg

text9.jpg  global2.jpg

Absolutely great stuff. Katherina has a whole heap of photos of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony on her Flickr stream. I couldn’t fit them all here, so I just grabbed a couple. Click on one of the photos above to go back to her home page and check out the rest!

As for the Opening Ceremony itself, well it was just breathtaking. I loved every moment of it, well except for all the teams coming out, because that took just too long.

The Olympic rings in lights, which were lifted up into the sky (ie the first photo), were just beautiful. And well so was the rest of it! I won’t gush too much here, but I will just mention the last photo – I don’t know how they got the people to have the correct angle!

Well Done China! Great Show!

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