Beijing Railway Station At Night

Magnifique, lizixiang, 璀璨! posted a couple of superb photos of the Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan) at night:

Beijing railway station at night

Beijing railway station

It looks very impressive at night time. The building is lit superbly, but that’s not a surprise – the Chinese are excellent at lighting buildings at night.

According to Wikipedia it:

opened in the 1950s, as can be seen from its architecture (which merges traditional architecture with 50s-design). It is located in an extremely central location, just next to Jianguomen, and is within the confines of the city’s 2nd Ring Road.

The Beijing Railway Station is a familiar site to me (and to many other visitors to Beijing), although I’ve never caught a train from here. I used to catch a bus near here and the bus stop was always very busy!

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