Coca-Cola = Delicious Happiness

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delicious happiness

This photo is of a Coca-Cola advertisement. Why did I include it in Flickr Picks? Click on the photo to go to the photo’s home page on Flickr and read it. It has some good information on the Chinese translation of Coca-Cola.

To make it easier, I’ll include the translation here: Coca-Cola is translated to Ke kou ko le in Mandarin, which means: Delicious Happiness – at least according to the advertisment.

I can confirm that it’s called Ke kou ko le in Mandarin, but my Chinese is not so good that I can confirm the meaning!

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  1. the forester

    The ad is cheating! Here are the Chinese characters: 可口可乐. Note the first and third characters — they’re the same. In pinyin (phonetic Chinese) the character 可 is spelled “ke.” So the correct spelling of 可口可乐 is Ke Kou KE Le.

    You can imagine why Coca-Cola’s marketing department changed the spelling of the second 可 — “ko le” looks more like “cola,” especially to a Western reader who might not realize the word 可 “ke” sounds pretty close to the syllable “co.”

  2. Peter muli mutua

    Is improving of techenolongy

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