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Yes, finally has a listing of jobs in China. In this post, I explain both the new service and the background to this decision.

The Background – No Jobs in China

For those not familiar with the story, I originally purchased the domain in 2004, with the intention of creating a website listing jobs available in China. However, I was busy and it never came about.

At the beginning of 2008, I wanted to set up a China related blog and decided to make use of this domain name, which was sitting around doing nothing. My stated goals were to:

  1. focus on issues related to living and working in China
  2. to provide resources to people wanting to find a job in China.

Most of my blog posts were around what living and working in China was really like, so I feel I’ve done reasonably well on goal 1. However, I didn’t have much of a chance to provide resources for people wanting a job in China. I also found that I’d get people visiting the site who were, rather justifiably, actually looking for a job in China. I’d occasionally get emails such as this:

Please i want to work in your country as a teacher.  Maybe you can help me. I want to make use of my talent in your good company. I will bw glad to be contacted at <phone number removed> for me to undergo with your recruitment process.


I want to live and work in China.Im a Male Zambian aged 30 and Hold a B.A in Library Studies and English

I couldn’t do anything to help these people.

From the very beginning, I’d said that I may introduce a job service and over the last four months, I’ve been looking at the options.

The ideal scenario would be to create my own job service from scratch, but that’s not really practical, given: a) the amount of work needed to set something like this up; and b) the level of competition out there. So I had a look around at companies I may be able to partner with.

Job Listings Through NewChinaCareer

The best choice at the moment seems to be NewChinaCareer, so I’ve signed up to their partner program. That’s enabled me to list jobs on this site, both in the sidebar, and on the Job Listing page. The jobs themselves are provided by NewChinaCareer, just points you to them.

I do have one reservation about the NewChinaCareer service: I’m expecting the majority of people arriving at my site, looking for jobs, to be interested in teaching English. The NewChinaCareer service is more tailored to general professional positions, and quite a few of them require Mandarin. So it may not be the best fit.

I’ll keep my eye out for better programs (and reserve the right to build my own), but I have nothing to lose by trying their service out. At least it gives my visitors more choice than they’d have otherwise.

I have long since stopped using NewChinaCareer who seemed to go out of business and replaced them with my own custom built system.

5 Responses

  1. Dominique

    40 years old Food and Beverage specialist, graduate from Hotel School in Lausanne Switzerland. Specialist in French and Italian Food looking for Expatriate executive position in China.

  2. Irshad Ali Mari


    I am 30 years old, i have got master degree from Nanjing in field of Agricultural Mechanization from Engineering College of Nanjing Agriculture University China. I am good and engine parts i believe then i can create somethings new in machines. I also can speak Chinese only and i am good at English, Urdu and Sindhi languages. It is my dream to work in China because i am pretty much inspire from chinese technology and i believe my future is in China. I waiting for one chance.

  3. Rupali Vinod Fule

    I am 27 years old, I have got married. I have got Gaduate degree from Nagpur University. I also can speak Chinese only and I am good at English. It is my dream to work in china because I am pretty much inspire from chinese technology and I believe my future is in China. I waiting for one chance. My husband also want to come in china.

  4. Trust

    hello, i am planning to relocate to china as i believe the future lies there, what assistance can i look forward to from your blog and how do i set the wheels in motion to do that.

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