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JobsInChina is proud to present LocalCurrency, a WordPress plugin that allows you to show currency values to your readers in their local currency.

For example: If a post contains 10 yuan, a user from Australia will see 10 yuan (AUD$1.53), while a US user will see 10 yuan (USD$1.39).

How LocalCurrency Works

LocalCurrency works out the reader’s country (via their IP address), gets the current exchange rate from Yahoo! Finance, calculates any values in the post in the readers currency, then shows it to the reader, in brackets after the original value.

All of this is done using ‘AJAX’ techniques so that it doesn’t affect page load times. Readers can change their currency via a selection box if they desire.

Who Should Use It?

If the answer to the following questions is yes, LocalCurrency is for you:

  • Do you often include currency amounts in your posts, using a currency that most of your readers aren’t familiar with?
  • Do you feel a need to explain how much it is worth in a currency that your readers do understand?
  • Do you end up writing something like: it cost me 10 yuan (about $1.50)?

LocalCurrency tells readers exactly how much values are worth in their own currency, wherever they are from. Don’t forget the Internet is international! Let people understand what you’re saying.

Although this may be useful for anyone, it’s particularly ideal for people living in a foreign country, who have a blog (or are planning to start one) to document their experiences.

See LocalCurrency In Action

The following sentence should contain the amount in your local currency:

I spent 20 yuan on dinner last night, then 30 yuan on the taxi home.

If you want to change the currency, use the selection box at the bottom of the post. Note: if you are in China, you will not see anything.

Where Do I Get LocalCurrency?

The plugin is available for download from the LocalCurrency plugin home page, along with information about how to use the plugin. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

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Powered by LocalCurrency. Rates from Yahoo! Finance

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  1. Hi Terence,

    Thanks! I had some other things to take care of as well. I have some posts written that I couldn’t publish before so I’ll be doing that shortly (only a couple).

  2. That’s an excellent idea, I’m not self hosted atm, but I’m thinking about going back to it and I will definitely bookmark this for later use 🙂 thank you!

  3. Sheffield Builder

    This idea is awesome. Most of the time people who do know what the real amount in post me back saying that I am misleading them because the amount I said the currency conversion was was completely way off the mark this will save me this problem thanks. Will definitely bookmark this for later.

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