Chinglish – Please Continue To Visit

cloneofsnake posted a photo:


Another example of Chinglish, following the previous example (Love Dirl, Love Goll). This one says Please Continue To Visit on an exit sign. They really don’t want you to leave!

Of course what they really mean is please visit again. It’s just a small mistake but it changes the entire meaning of the sign – and adds a little brightness to the day of native English speakers who see it.

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  1. Stavros

    Actually, it says “please continue to visit” (heading straight ahead, as opposed to exiting on the left) in chinese as well. OK, maybe “continue your tour” or sth similar would be more clear to a westerner

  2. Stavros

    The pinyin is “qing ji xu can guan”, hope it helps. Thanks for linking to your other blog, I ll try to keep reading it and add my input as a fellow learner.

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