Chinglish – Train On Fire

Sam Ose / Olai Skjaervoy posted a photo of another fine example of some Chinglish:

Chinglish: If the train is on fire, please stand clear of the train

This sign says: “If the train is on fire, please stand clear of the train”. And there I was thinking of jumping onto the burning train! I hope their trains aren’t on fire too often…

It seems this fine example of Chinglish comes from Hong Kong. Despite the fact that Hong Kong has traditional ties with England and English was the second language there before 1997, they are not immune to Chinglish! I’ve seen some fantastic examples there.

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  1. L

    Just to say, the Chinese translates:
    If the train is on fire, please report and quickly leave the train.

    So I do not see it as Chinglish

    HK is one of the world’s safest places. One reason for it are those signs and anouncements. “Mind the gap” , “Please, hold the handrail.

    But US citiziens should know about about:
    “Do not put your pet into the microwave”
    “The objects in the mirror may appear closer than they are”
    “The hot coffee may be hot”

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