Fake iPhone

Okay, here is a photo of a fake iPhone, taken by Robert Scoble of Scobalizer fame.

Robert used to be a famous blogger for Microsoft and now heads up FastCompany.tv. Robert appears to be in China for a couple of weeks to meet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. He’s also taking some very interesting photos, including this one:

Fake iPhone

Not a surprise really – fake copies of everything are available in China. The IPhone would be a prime target. With his ex-Microsoft connection, I wonder what Robert thinks of all the fake Microsoft software you can buy for under USD$1?

I hope Robert enjoys his trip and posts some more photos of China. I also recommend you get over to his blog to read about his trip to China.

2 Responses

  1. allen

    how much is it the fake iphone form china?

  2. Philip ngotho

    Tell me more

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