Bad Hair Day

Here’s a photo of a real bad hair day! joelogon posted a photo of himself getting his hair done:

bad hair day

This photo has me a little puzzled. I love it and was going to use it to write about how hair fashion is all the rage amongst young men in China (and it sure is!), but upon looking at it further, it appears that Joe lives in the US. For some reason it comes up when searching for Chinese hair on Flickr. There is no Chinese tag against it, so I have no idea why this happens.

As a result, it doesn’t quite fit into this series, which is only about photos of China. Regardless, I’m going to include it purely because it’s such a great photo! Joe has such wild hair in it! Talk about a bad hair day – well technically it’s not a bad hair day, because it’s actually just a hairdresser appointment, but you know what I mean!

Joe, if you ever read this, love the photo, love the wild hair and I’ve got to say that your blog, Dumb Things I Have Done Lately, is also pretty interesting. Best of luck!

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