Shenyang Coin Building – Fang Yuan Da Sha

Stas Kulesh posted a couple of photos of the Shenyang Coin Building, known in Chinese as Fang Yuan Da Sha. The distinctive feature of the building is that it’s shaped like an old Chinese coin (round with a square hole in the middle).

Stas’ first photo shows the building from the side and front:

Fang Yuan Da Sha

The second photo appears to be from the back of the building (ie you cannot see the square center of the coin). It’s still a pretty impressive building though:

Shenyang Coin Building

It’s an amazing building, at once both modern and traditional, a real fusion of Western and Chinese design. Also, I believe that building’s shape has good Feng Shui for attracting money, so it incorporates Chinese beliefs as well.

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province, which is situated in north-east China. The Coin Building (also known as the Circle Building) is just south of the North Train Station in Hui Gong Square. According to, the coin building is home to the Shanghai Bank.

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  1. Robert

    This is actually a very cool looking building.

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