Makeshift Village Ping Pong Table

Stas Kulesh posted a photo of some kids playing ping pong (also known as table tennis) on a makeshift ping pong table:

village ping pong table

It’s a great photo, combining many elements. First, it shows a typical Chinese village, with the motor bike utility vehicle in the background, the little sweeping brush leaning against the wall, etc. This is a great setting for this photo.

Next, it shows the inventiveness of Chinese people, because they have literally made a ping pong table using a stone counter (not sure what it’s used for) and adding a stick propped on two bricks as the net. The most remarkable table tennis table I’ve ever seen!

Finally, it’s a great action shot, with the ping pong ball arriving at the other end and the boy moving as a result. However, look closely and you’ll notice something strange – the boy at the far end doesn’t have a ping pong paddle!

Great photo, but those boys really need to go buy some more ping pong paddles.

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