The New CCTV Building In Beijing

gongfu_king posted a photo of the new CCTV building in Beijing:


The new CCTV building in Beijing, which has attracted worldwide attention. Note: CCTV stands for China Central Television, which is the national television network of China.

I watched while this was being built, although I didn’t know it was the CCTV building at the time. They built the two legs independently, then joined them up. For some reason, I thought they’d keep building upwards into a spire of some sort. I had an image in my mind of it being shaped vaguely like the Eiffel tower! I’m not sure where I got that from, but I was a bit surprised when I heard it was finished and that was all there was!

However, it is unique and representative of modern Beijing, which is full of interesting architecture, such as this (although most of it designed by foreigners).

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