The Temple Of Heaven In Beijing

unfoldedorigami posted several photos of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing:

DSC_0224  DSC_0177

DSC_0166  DSC_0178

The Temple of Heaven is another well photographed tourist destination in Beijing (and is well worth the visit may I add). These photos are quite artistic! The angles are great and the photos work well as a set (apart from one being the wrong shape!).

My favourite is the first one, although you probably can’t even identify it as being the Temple of Heaven. I love the door framing the photo and the people in the courtyard add action to the shot. I also love the rich, deep red paint. It so strong, and for me at least, identifies that this must be in China.

The other photos are great too. The one take from a distance has NO people in it! The photographer must have waited a long time to get the shot, because the Temple of Heaven is normally packed with people. The closeup of the interior is great too, showing the decoration in detail.

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