Lady and Children

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This is just a photo of a lady and a couple of children, but I find it interesting because it has that human element to it. It also helps show what China’s really like. I’ll probably include more shots of people in future, for that reason. Part of the purpose of this blog is to help people understand what China’s really like. A large part of that are the Chinese people.

At times, living in China can be frustrating, and as anywhere in the world, there are always people who make life harder, but I’ve found the following to be true: Anyone who visits China with an open mind and takes the time to get to know the local people, ends up making some very good friends.

Of course, photos can’t capture that side of things easily, but they can capture the visual aspect of the Chinese people. They are a large part of what makes China so interesting. When you walk out into the street in China, it’s teeming with people. Whichever way you look, you’ll always find something interesting to look at – and often it’s the people.

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